progress is success, not perfection

At Better Movement, our work with clients is framed around self-awareness, which is a by-product of self-love. That’s why our proven five-step method for healing utilizes a Yin to Yang style that honors the emotional investment you make in yourself and promotes better results, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Our approach to freeing you from a life of pain, so you can live your best life now, allows us to go beyond the surface issue of your pain, mobility issues, or even feelings of self-defeat. We do this by identifying the root issue of what is producing your pain, health, and emotional challenges.


Better Movement’s five-step method for Effortless Transformation Through Movement is designed to strengthen your inner power, which translates to improved outer physical movement; without pain. This process is delivered to you through your choice in personalized 1:1 or group programs that stabilize your muscles in a safe, easy, nurturing, and comforting space.

"Emily Is Love! She Works From the Inside Out."

"Emily is LOVE!  She works from the inside out. She puts her heart and soul into helping people. So far, I’ve lost 70lbs in 7 months and she is making this journey feel effortless. Thank you, Emily, for continuing to help me look and feel better."


~ Joe Madrid ~

Exasperated by the No-Pain, No-Gain Approach

For all the treatments you’ve had, all the grueling workouts you’ve endured, and all the money and time you’ve spent trying to feel and look better, do you ever feel like you’re frustratingly left with more pain than gain?


When it comes to creating positive changes in your overall health, the experience can often feel like you’re strapped to a pendulum, stretching you from one extreme solution to the other. Not surprisingly, many diet programs and physical fitness regimens are designed this way.


  • Western medicine prescribes medication, but what about healing the cause of the pain?


  • Diets suggest better eating habits, but what about addressing physical behaviors that get in the way of results?


  • Fitness trainers adhere to the “push through the pain” mentality, but what if this is counter-intuitive for what you need?


If any of this is relatable, you probably have been left with an inexplicable void, knowing that something is missing, just not sure what it is? If so, you’re not alone.


"Emily Has Given Me a New Outlook on Life."

"Emily has given me a new outlook on my life both inside and out with her positive energy, devotion, and knowledge of ways to heal my aging body. I’m able to do things I gave up on years ago and loving every day.​"


~ Debby Arthur ~

It’s Time You Start Feeling Worthy, Strong, and Deserving of Receiving the Best Life Has to Offer!

Hi, I’m Emily Deckard, founder of Better Movement. I’m a wholistic personal trainer who specializes in a five-step method that produces effortless transformation in your life, from the inside-out.


In my experience, extreme diets, the no pain, no gain workout mentality and western medicine’s approach prescribing medication without focusing on the root cause rarely establish long-term results. If anything, these all or nothing approaches not only prolong needless suffering but often leave you feeling helpless to achieve your desire for a pain-free and healthy quality of life.


If you’ve been subjected to any or all of the above-mentioned extreme approaches, you will be delighted to learn there is a better way to getting in shape and creating a healthy life. It’s from the inside out. That is why at Better Movement, everything begins with self-awareness.  


Our programs are framed around the principles of self-love and are designed to balance your physical presence with your mental, emotional, and

spiritual essence.


Better Movement Programs Offer You a Better Way to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit 

If You Are Ready To:

  • Experience more of what you love but with less pain and fewer trips to your doctor


  • Empower yourself with better physical balance and higher, sustainable levels of energy


  • Stop making your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health a last resort decision


  • Learn self myofascial release techniques that immediately impact your overall quality of life


  • Connect with your body’s awareness by learning to enhance your emotional and spiritual awareness


  • Ditch the typical gym setting and do away with the no pain, no gain approach to working out


  • Uncover and transmute hidden emotional habits that get in the way of seeing ‘real’ success in weight loss, strength training and flexibility

Then Better Movement

Is for You

Discover how Better Movement works wonders for you by reviewing our personalized 1:1 programs and group programs. Built around our five-step method, our programs are designed for women, men, and children of all ages.
Once you’ve found the program that addresses your challenges, aspirations, and goals, you’re invited to apply for your spot in the program.


Be sure to apply for the Better Movement program that speaks to your heart today. Available spots for our 1:1 and group programs fill up fast.