Better Movement Programs Deliver 

a Wholistic Approach for Living

Your Best Life Through

Physical Fitness & Lifestyle Habits

Are you new to working out?
Is chronic exhaustion, emotional stress, or physical pain have you moving slower with each
passing year?

If you answered, “yes” to either of these questions, Better Movement’s 1:1 personalized programs and group programs may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


But due to how unique our approach is to working out and harnessing the effortless flow of movement in your life, you may not have realized what you were seeking was even possible.

Do you seek a better way to integrate spirituality into your physical




Whether you’re working with us from a distance, attending one of our workshops or you’re entering Better Movement’s renowned, transformation portal in Sacramento, California, you will never be subjected to temporary fixes or the tough-love, drill sergeant approach to better health.

"Emily helped me immensely with chronic pain."

"Emily has helped me immensely with chronic pain in my knees due to severe osteoarthritis. She's knowledgeable, professional and a lot of fun to work with."


~ Bonnie Otto ~

Better Movement Is Not

For You If:

  • You believe the “no pain, no gain” mindset is a healthy choice for you 

  • You’re looking for a temporary fix to your current physical ailments

  • You’ve given in to chronic pain while giving up on a healthy, pain-free life

  • You’re hoping for a short cut for a healthier and more spiritually balanced lifestyle

  • You’re unwilling to open your mind and your heart to a less stressful approach to feeling better and being healthier

  • You're not open to spirituality

Perhaps at one point in your life, you could relate to one or more of these. Now, you're seeking a better way. With Better Movement, you've found it.


Self-Love & Self-Awareness Is the Foundation for

Your Success

At Better Movement, we always address your mind and spirit first. At no point do we push you into areas you’re uncomfortable with or that may end up injuring you.


From our initial session together, we’re looking at getting right to the root cause of your existing ailments and working together to create energetic shifts on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level that deliver long-term benefits.


Everything we do with and for our clients is framed around self-love and self-awareness. While this is the foundation for our client’s success, our process for navigating your inner and outer challenges is achieved through a five-step, proven method for living a healthy and pain-free life.

Better movement's FIVE-STEP METHOD is an inside-out approach for effortless transformation through movement 













How Much Is “temporary relief” Costing You?


Hi, I’m Emily Deckard, founder of Better Movement. I love to help all of my clients look at things differently when it comes to exercises and nutrition. The key to shifting your perspective on health, however, is not from fixating on “temporary relief” but taking a big picture approach to lifestyle habits. 


For this reason, whether I’m speaking at a public event or speaking 1:1 with my clients, I’m always talking about the big picture when it comes to your overall health.


What Is the Big Picture for Improving Your Health?


The big picture I’m referring to focuses on the root cause of your physical and emotional pain. This picture is framed by self-love and self-awareness.


Without self-love and self-awareness as your foundation for better health, what you’re seeing when you look at your health can be quite limiting. It’s this limited view that keeps millions of people on an emotional merry-go-round with ‘temporary relief’ options.


This is why I started Better Movement and created our five-step method. With my guidance and the five-step method we use to work with clients, they immediately see the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial benefits of a personalized work out program framed around self-love and self-awareness.

Better Movement's 1:1 & Group Programs

"Emily knows how to help you transform."

"Very thorough and highly considerate of your physical state. Emily knows how to help you transform and strengthen!

Thank you, Emily!"


~ Dr. Jim Weber ~

Chiropractor - Quantum Mechanics

Sacramento, CA. 


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