Better Movement's workshops help you feel worthy, energized and aligned with your best life. 



To be magnetic on the outside starts with how you feel about yourself on the inside.

And self-love and self-awareness is what Better Movement’s workshops are all about.


Better Movement’s experiential and life-changing public and private workshops are designed to help you feel worthy, energized, and aligned with your best life. In other words, it’s about opening you up to the magnificent and magnetic person you were born to be.


No matter the physical, emotional, or spiritual setbacks you have experienced in life, you were born to be magnetic! This is your divine birthright. Sometimes, however, life has a way of taking us all off track.


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we often forget the beautiful truth about who and what we are, losing touch with the power of self-love and self-care. This is even true for holistic practitioners and spiritual healers.

When you love yourself, you glow from the inside-out. You feel better and healthier! You attract people who love, respect and

appreciate you.

"Emily has proven to be patient, knowledgeable, and motivating. She has always focused on my form whereas other trainers seem to gloss over form."


~ Lora M. ~

Better Movement Workshops

Are For You If:

  • You are seeking a healthy and joyous way to integrate spirituality into your physical well-being

  • You are passionate about living a pain-free life

  • You are fed up with the 'no pain, no gain' mentality and tired of seeing medical bills pile up with no end in sight

  • You are a spiritual healer, holistic practitioner, and heart-centered entrepreneur seeking a repeatable and reliable way to transform stagnant energy into a sustainable, creative flow-state

  • You are committed to going beyond the surface issue of pain, mobility issues, or even feelings of self-defeat, by identifying the root issue of pain, health, and emotional challenges


If you can relate to one or more of these and are willing to open your mind and heart to a proven and better way to feeling healthier and more energized, Better Movement's workshops are for you.



Identify the root cause of pain, health, and emotional challenges through self-love, self-awareness, and self-care. 

Hi, I’m Emily Deckard, founder of Better Movement.

Just as it is in our work with 1:1 clients, our workshops are framed round self-love and self-awareness, which means we always address the mind and spirit first. You can rest assured, none of our workshops or programs will push you into uncomfortable areas or suggest physical movements that may injure you.


Although the primary focus or topic of each workshop may vary, each one follows our proven, groundbreaking five-step method that goes beyond the surface issue of pain, mobility issues, or even feelings of self-defeat.


This method is designed to identify the root issue of pain, health, and emotional challenges through self-love, self-awareness, and self-care.



Better movement's workshops use a Yin to the Yang style approach to reinvigorate your mind, body, & spirit

Starting in the Spring of 2019, we excited to roll out a variety of online and offline workshops for women and men of all ages. Each one utilizes a Yin to the Yang style approach to reinvigorate your mind, body, and Spirit.


No matter where you may find yourself on the path of consciousness and physical wellness, all of our workshops help you to tap into your innate, divine wisdom and expand your awareness through:


  • Understanding the true nature of energy


  • Effortless transformation through movement


  • Daily lifestyle habits


  • Food choices


  • A clear understanding of the root cause of emotional triggers

If you’re new to working out, feeling exhausted before you even reach the half-way point in your day or you’re moving slower due to increasing physical pain, I invite you to join us on this sacred journey to reclaiming your magnificent self.

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