All of what you desire is not outside of you. It's found within.

The quality of life you desire is not in a specific workout routine. Nor is it in a diet.
It's inside of you. 

As a former athlete in high school and college, there was a time in my life where I was in constant, never-ending physical pain. After doing literally EVERYTHING the doctors, physical therapists, and nutritionists said, and after taking the prescription medication that was supposed to address the issues, it became painfully clear to me that something else was going on.


I decided to take matters into my own hands. It took many years of research, and deep-level personal exploration to uncover the true nature of the physical pain I’d been in. Much to my surprise, I learned how it all correlated to the emotional, mental, and even spiritual suffering that was largely undetected or addressed by western medicine, mainstream nutritionists and physical therapists.

Today, after 17 years of integrating all of this research and personal experience into my life and the lives of my clients, not only am I living a pain-free life, but many of my clients are regularly exclaiming happily that the five-step method we use at Better Movement is helping them more than their doctors. And guess what? It costs a lot less than what all of those medical procedures, prescriptions, and trips to the doctor office is costing.

I help you to transform your life, from inside-out and achieve your desire for a pain-free and healthy quality of life.

Hi, I’m Emily Deckard, founder of Better Movement. I’m a wellnes coach, theta healer, and wholistic personal trainer who specializes in a five-step method that produces effortless transformation in your life, from the inside-out.

Whether you’re working with me from a distance, attending one of my workshops or you’re entering our renowned, transformation portal in Sacramento, California, you will never be subjected to temporary fixes or the tough-love, drill sergeant approach to better health.


In my experience, extreme diets, the no pain, no gain mentality to working out and prescribing medication are all part of the “temporary relief” and “temporary fix” approach to pain and healthy living. Without focusing on the root cause “temporary relief” can prolong your suffering and leave you feeling helpless to achieve your desire for a pain-free and healthy quality of life.

"Emily has proven to be patient, knowledgeable,         and motivating."

"Emily has proven to be patient, knowledgeable, and motivating. She has always focused on my form whereas other trainers seem to gloss over form."


~ Lora M. ~

Assessing Your Inner path to living a pain-free life

I’m always assessing. I do this for my own inner health and it's at the heart of my practice with clients.


My first thing is to assess a client’s awareness of their movement and how it’s affecting their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state of wellness.

This process of assessing led me to create a foundation for Better Movement’s private 1:1 and group programs as well as my public and private workshops that follow the inside-out approach I've spent over twenty years researching and applying to personally get out of pain.


Whether we’re working together in a 1:1 environment or at a Better Movement workshop, this kind of deep, inner assessment starts during our very first conversation and is constant throughout our journey together.

From everything I learned in the past two decades, I am putting this into practice with my clients. The approach we work together on has led them to see and feel life-altering results that their doctors, medication, extreme diets, and traditional working out at the gym has been unable to produce or sustain.


My clients and I consider the work we do to be sacred.  This is due in large part to the personalized five-step method process that is framed around self-love and self-awareness.  


I believe I’m here on this earth to help those in pain who aren’t seeing results from their practitioner(s) and those who want to prevent pain. I’m for anyone who wants to be healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually and is open-minded and ready to let go of old habits, outdated ways of learning, and welcome in a new and abundant way of living.

Whether we work together or not, just remember you are already perfect and you are where you’re supposed to be right now.

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